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This bit is only relevant to the SGE and should be ignored in case we forget to delete it after the SGE ends.

If you registered for the SGE in one of the Registrations forms:

  1. Open this file:
  2. In it is a list of addresses
  3. Use ctrl+F to search for the address you provided in the form
  4. If you cannot find it means that you did not get one of the ~14K spots.
  5. That’s ok, you can still play.
  6. You’ll need to get $SNK — each new Snook-NFT costs $0.25 USDC [paid with $SNK]

Before you play

Make sure you have:

We forget almost as fast as we progress

The days of waiting minutes or hours for a blockchain transaction to be processed are behind us (well, mostly). It wasn’t a long ago, but, for most of us, it’s unthinkable today.

The days of prohibitive gas costs are not yet behind us, but we’ve found ways around them and the use of cheaper networks and protocols is expanding. It is human nature to forget and get used to new realities fast. It is natural to expect low latency, quick transaction time processing, and affordable, almost negligible gas costs.

And then there was Snook — with all game-states being on-chain transactions.

Snook is not going to be smooth at first. That’s the…

TL;DR: Snook is awesome. Next 10 days are nuts. Ready to play and earn?

Snook Genesis event is near. 8–12/9, 100,800 free snooks, ~$100,000 USDC total prize pool and 1 lucky winner taking $25,000 USDC.

Also, Snook’s launchpads/IXOs* led by DaoMaker, Seedify, and TrustPad will end by the 6th (20:00 CEST). We’re also collaborating with For specific opening dates and times, follow them on Twitter.

For those of you coming out of a coma, we introduce Snook below.

* IXO — It’s becoming impossible to track the different TLAs invented by our crypto community to describe different token offerings. So we made this one up to cover all possible vernaculars. :D

Sep timeline:

  • Sep 1st…


Hey y’all!

Below is an update on the feedback we got after the Beta.

But before that some positive quotes:

Before we dive in — here are some quotes from the Beta testers (see if you can find yours):

“Good game!” / “Addictive” / “oddly addictive!” / “the game very smooth” / “nice game . I like it” / “It’s all smooth and no issues with me.” …

The #SnookMeme Competition (first of many) starts today, July 28th, 12:00 PM CET, ends Monday, August 3rd, 12:00 PM CET.

SnookMeme Competition


  1. Create the best Snook themed Meme (Feel free to use graphic assets found in this folder)
  2. Tweet it [see Format below]
  3. Submit it in our designated form [See Submission Form below]
  4. Push it so it goes viral

You can also participate by reacting or retweeting other people’s submissions, in which case if you are eligible (see below Eligibility) you will be included in 7 additional $50 raffle prizes.


  1. Only Snook community members, i.e., people that are members of Snook’s Discord

Hey y’all!

Things are moving fast in the SnookVerse and we have a bunch of announcements. Here’s the TL;DR:

We’re running a 2nd Beta on August 1st from 13:00 to 15:00 CET.

In order to participate

  1. Join our community (Discord & Twitter)
  2. Make sure you have Metamask installed in your browser
  3. Claim MATIC testnet from the faucet, and be present on the 1st of August at 13:00 pm CET in our discord
  4. Claim SKILL testnet from our SKILL Faucet
  5. On the 1st August 13:00 pm CET, we will publish the Snook beta URL near the opening of the beta.
  6. Oh, you can also watch…

Hey y’all!

The Snook community has been growing steadily over the past few months. It’s very satisfying to see the engagement on Discord, Telegram and Twitter and we’ve had over 1000(!!!) applications for our upcoming Beta test. Great job Snookers ~~~~~~~:)>

[If you don’t know what Snook is and what we’re all so excited about, don’t fret, check out our website and/or our whitepaper…we’re a welcoming bunch]

The purpose of this short piece is to announce the Beta test and give you some details about it and about our upcoming live broadcast (which we will record and upload to other…

What if Winning Meant More Than a High Score?

What if ….

Few players are really good but hey, there’s the Dunning-Kruger effect

Have you ever gotten the High Score in a game? It felt great to punch in your initials and gloat at the people around you. But that feeling of victory is fleeting. Soon enough someone else would score higher, and you’d have nothing left to show that you were #1. And even if your score stayed there for a while — shouldn’t you have been rewarded with more than a ranking for the effort, persistence, and cheetah-like reflexes it took to get that score?

Few players are really good but hey, there’s the Dunning-Kruger effect

Some people play games for fun. Some play to win. Only a few play professionally to make money. Snook is creating a new gaming scenario — one that has never existed before.

People can play for fun, to win, AND to make money. The problem is that only a few will really be good enough to make a lot of money. It’s not a big problem — because today no one makes money — so what’s the worst that can happen, the player has fun. But, still for Snook…


The first multi-player, skill-based game that rewards your talent, skill and persistence with NFTs.

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