Our last Community Tournament was full of action, you loved it, we loved it, so let’s bring it back, but this time better!

1. How do you qualify?

  • To qualify for this major tournament, there will be 3 preliminaries, the dates for the tournaments are mentioned below.
  • Players must place in the top 40% in…

13–19 Dec

Hunts’ bounty is a fat as Santa

Pretty straightforward. We’re giving away “Mo Money!” for all hunts between December 13 and 17:

  • 6 hunts per day
  • 60SNK per hunt (6x10 $SNK)
  • Total bounty-pool 1800 $SNK (6 hunts x 60 $SNK x 5 days)

Wait, it gets better — there’s a raffle

Any Snooker who kills a Runner and claims the bounty will also be eligible…

We’ve been busy…

Quick reminder, we decided to reward Snookers with a random raffle of 200 $SNK every week.

Below are the two winners of the Snook participation raffle for the last week of November and the first week of December:

  • Nov 21st - Nov 28th:
  • Nov 28th - Dec 5th:

They won won $200 SNK, each.

As we’re getting closer to the Snook Winter Event — more details soon — we’re going to put the raffles on hold for a while.

Be sure to join our Discord community and follow us on Twitter. You might also want to like, retweet and spread the news.

Other than that…just play baby, Just play.

At your service

The Snook Core Team ~~~~~~~;)

Hey there Snookers et al.

OK, we have a bunch of things to cover. Here’s the TL;DR:

  1. Winter Event — A week-long party with presents — 19–26th of December
  2. Snook Economics — we’re shaking things up — some hints below — full reveal soon.
  3. Special Skin Rewards — Suspended for…

TL;DR: You make Snook Videos we pay with $SNK


You capture your Snook adventures on video, upload the video to YouTube or Twitter and submit the link here

Once a week we’ll select videos in three categories based on the video quality and reward the makers with $SNK:

  • HSTSPV (Holy S**t That’s Some Production Value!) — 100 $SNK


Yesterday, Nov 21st, around midday, a snook entered the game. It survived with several other players for nearly 15 min. It then died. Because the game lasted more than 5 minutes, and the game map was populated, the wallet connected to that snook — look up at the header —…


We’ve identified playing behavior that give an unfair advantage. The right to Special Skin Rewards has been temporarily revoked from those specific Special Skins. Special Skins that will try to secure eligibility to Special Skin Rewards by gaining unfair advantages will be sanctioned similarly. We will make logs demonstrating this…


The first multi-player, skill-based game that rewards your talent, skill and persistence with NFTs.

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