Snook 2nd Beta — Feedback Summary


Hey y’all!

Below is an update on the feedback we got after the Beta.

But before that some positive quotes:

Before we dive in — here are some quotes from the Beta testers (see if you can find yours):

“Good game!” / “Addictive” / “oddly addictive!” / “the game very smooth” / “nice game . I like it” / “It’s all smooth and no issues with me.” / “everything worked smoothly” / “This will be a popular game, if there is a mobile version, I will play it when I am tired from work anytime” / “I need to play this game again asap”

Yes, of course, we “cherry picked” those. We should also remember the good ~~~~:)

Also, we got this one: “unfriendly to newcomers”. We’re really not sure if it is a good thing or a bad thing. What do you think ~~)



Snook 2nd Beta — Feedback Summary


The Snook team ran its second Beta on Sunday, August 1st, 2021, between 12:00 and 13:40 CET.

Below is a summary of the feedback we collected from the participants.

The feedback is clustered according to topics.

We did our best to sift through all the feedback. Not only the feedback provided in the dedicated sub-channel, but also stuff that came up during the session and comments made in other sub-channels. Nevertheless we have no doubt that we missed some and if you do not find your feedback here, we do apologize and would very much appreciate it if you resend it.

Thank you all committed members of the Snook community for helping us improve Snook.

During the session, despite the fact that we added 3 additional moderators, some participants’ issues were not addressed or at least not in a timely manner. We apologize for that. We too are gamers and have all participated in our fair share of Beta tests, and we can appreciate how frustrating that can be. We did our best.


  1. Game-server to blockchain messages
  • What: Some blockchain messages (e.g., EnterGame, death, extract, etc.) weren’t processed
  • Implications: Users not knowing transaction status might spend gas unnecessarily (retrying to complete transaction). Also, tokens may be locked forever.
  • Fix: We will ensure messages are properly handled before they are taken out of the queue.

2. MetaMask issues

  • What: Some users missed MetaMask error messages.
  • Implications: Users not knowing their status ‘waited or spent gas unnecessarily (retrying to complete transaction).
  • Fix: We’re looking into some of MetaMask’s RPC network preset configurations.


  1. Mobile devices
  • What: Some users that complained about the game being too slow, or not working at all were using a mobile device.
  • Implications: Experience was s**t
  • Fix: Currently, we’re not set up for mobile devices such as smartphones. We will be by early next year. Be patient, please.

2. Use of device resources

  • What: Some users mentioned that playing the game was overly demanding on their device’s resources (e.g., CPU).
  • Implications: It may affect the gaming experience or other user experiences and in general not a good thing.
  • Fix: We’re on it. We are investing efforts in resource optimization.


1. Drop the orbs — Sometimes on death the snooks did not drop the orbs. It seems to happen more as the snooks are bigger.

  • We’re on it.

2. Empty orbs — Some cases in which snooks ate orbs but did not change in size. Also, in some cases they did not drop orbs while accelerating.

  • We’re on it

3. Unknown Snooks — Snook’s names in the map are always “unknown”.

  • We’re on it.

4. Rank — A player’s score that is not in the top10 is not on the scoreboard

  • We’re on it.

5. Missing Trait drops — Trait drops are not visible enough, both in main-map and in the mini-map.

  • We’re on it (might add pulse animation and a sound effect)

6. Big bones snooks — Several issues: 1) Large snooks seem to affect (increase) network ping ; 2) the turn angle might be too big

7. And I’m dead — New snooks sometimes materialize too close or on an existing snook and die immediately. They may also cause, although it is less likely, a snook that is already in the game to collide into them and die.

  • We’re going to make new snooks invulnerable for the first few seconds. We will also make sure they can’t kill others during that time.

8. Pink screen — A couple of users had a pink screen (assets missing).

  • We’re looking into that

9. I hate waiting — Allow users to start playing while waiting for blockchain communication


10. “Hello, hello! Is there anybody out there?”

  • What: During the Beta there were a lot of issues and we did our best to moderate and provide real time solutions. Nevertheless, some users did not receive good-enough or any support (despite the additional support people we employed).
  • Implications: Some of you really don’t like us now. We get it. We also hate it when that happens.
  • Fix: We’re on it. We are investing in a new support ticketing system and other solutions to make sure everyone gets help fast. Also, we’re working on making the game more streamlined and easy, and that way to reduce the need for support.

Things you asked for

  1. The Resurrection feature.
  • We’re on it.

2. Add “How to” tutorials / screens.

  • We’re on it.

3. Buy more than one snook at a time (1,5,10, etc.)

  • We’re on it.

4. Improve the UI (e.g., better content in written communication and notices, or better pagination, sound effects, music, animations, etc.)

  • We’re on it.

5. Pause option — The ability to pause for a short time

  • Interesting. We’ll think about it. Perhaps under certain conditions and at a “cost” (i.e., spending size and score orbs, like in a taxi)

That’s it.

Always at your service,

The Snook team


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